Our import business has grown steadily since our founding. What differentiates CIC is that we only import for a specific client initiative. We’re here to market your brand, not push a specific product. Since we work with factories around the globe, you realize:

Reduced product costs Typically a 25% savings
Design flexibility You choose fabric/materials,
design, color, etc.
Higher quality imprint By decorating on flat goods vs.
an already formed product
Reduced transportation costs Typically by 90%

Serving Global Brands

We manage programs for clients with affiliates all over the world. In addition to the United States, we regularly ship to the United Kingdom, Canada, Central and South America, Puerto Rico, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

Regardless of location, we help our clients provide consistent branding to their employees and customers anywhere in the world.

Our global services

In country suppliers Allowing our clients to avoid the costs of international transportation, duties and taxes.
Multi-lingual webstores and websites Capable of handling over 60 languages.
Distribution points Located in the countries where our clients are operating – decreasing transportation costs and delivery.