June 1, 2015
We Ask A Lot of Our Clients

We want to know everything. Whenever our clients have a promotion, you can be sure that we're going to ask them a lot of questions. We're going to ask about themes and goals, general demographics and specific demographics. We're going to ask about past, present and future. And we're going to ask about a whole bunch of stuff in between.

It might even be a little annoying. But we can't do our best for our clients unless we have as much information as possible.

Whenever you're innovating, are you drawing from as many sources of information as possible, including sources that are totally contrarian to your normal thought process? Are you looking at the problem forwards, backwards, sideways, up, down and around? Are you asking yourself both why and why not? Good ideas – successful ideas – never come from having too little information. And there is no such thing as too much information.